Every New Mom Needs a Feel+Good Talk... Sometimes

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  • I just couldn't keep going like that...

    I remember dirty dishes and mess everywhere. Every room of the house was a big mess. It drove me crazy just by looking at it! I had a baby feeding at my breast, while somehow ttying to cook dinner, in the midst of a 3 year old climbing on e everything he can find to tty to get my attention; and a 6 year old buried in playing video games, that clearly needed my attention. My clothes were covered in spit-up and other stains. I couldn't even tell the last time I showered, or when will I get a chance to shoeer again. All this had become the routine. That's when I knew I needed to do something about it.

    I do something about it 
  • I didn't know...

    I knew being a Mom wasn't going to be easy. Dealing with crying babies, sleepless nights, changing diapers and throwing tantrums was expected. What I wasn't expecting was having to deal with mental health issues because of it.

    I do something about it 
  • Ashamed...

    I was ashamed of feeling this way and for needing help.

    With the help I could be the person I was meant to be, and be the Mom my kids deserved.

    I want the help 
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Real Life Therapeutic Talks For & By New Moms

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The feel-good conversation you need to pick you up. When you need it & How you need it.

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By someone you can trust to...

Genuinely understand you, because also new mom / sahm

Genuinely want to help you

Truly will respect you in your choices, your breakdown s, your dreams and goals

Really uplift you so you can go back to taking care of business your most precious

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A Safe Talk Zone for New Moms and Stay-at-Home Moms

It's like having all the advantages of speaking with a friend or family member, but without the disadvantages

  • You can remain anonymous

    Use a combination of images and text to share your brand values.

  • You are in good hands

    Speaking with a New or Stay-at-Home Mom like you will help understand and get straight to the point to get you in that better mindset faster

  • No pressure

    Isn't it reassuring to know that you are speaking with someone who does't interact with your partner, children, or friends, and doesn't have a personal social interaction with your world?