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Welcome to my blog!
In an ever-changing world, where new mothers are often met with a plethora of challenges, most of us barely  have the time to take care of ourselves, or care for our new baby stress-free. Constantly juggling multiple responsibilities, each day seems to pose a new challenge.
With NewMomTested I want to give hope, alternatives, and options to new moms like me, by showing how technology can make your life easier. In fact, technology has solved some of these difficulties for moms everywhere with all sorts of apps, gadgets, and services available to help moms get through their busy days, multitasking is easier than ever.
With advances in technology, many things that used to be difficult and time consuming have now become simpler and more manageable with the use of technology. This is especially true for new moms.
Of course, babies come with their own challenges and responsibilities, but there are ways we can keep our lives simplified and less stressful with the use of technology.

In addition, technology can play an important role for new parents, both during and after pregnancy. From providing insightful information to expecting mothers, to providing tools to take care of their little one after delivery, technology can be an extremely useful tool for parents.